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By giving to Henna Crowns of Courage you are saying yes to bringing Hope, Beauty and Empowerment to women and children during a time that is scary and ugly. You are choosing to bring Love during a time that can bring Fear.

Your support will help us create a platform for these women to share their experiences, and in doing so it also brings educational awareness of health, cancer, and the healing power of positive mindset to the community as a whole.


Our Partners

Healing doesn’t just end with a Henna Crown, we want to stay connected and build a community of support. The following organizations have been involved with Henna Crowns of Courage or have benefited other women who have been Crowned. 

Henna Crowns of Courage has certified Henna Artists who join the team and help Amanda to give a crown experience. There are also local makeup artists, videographers and photographers who have joined the mission.

Riparea Videography

My name is Jake Szetela and I am the owner/operator of the local photo-video company, Riparea Videography. I grew up with a love of making videos and turned that passion into a career in January of 2017. Since then, I have done everything from product photography to weddings to commercial and non-profit video production.  

I got involved with Henna Crowns of Courage in August of 2018 and have had the privilege of producing photos and video for several of the incredible women & girls that this organization has blessed. I was instantly intrigued by the art form of henna as a means of therapy for those battling cancer and have been so grateful to have been involved with bringing out the inner beauty of these incredible women. I am so thankful for the opportunity to tell their stories and share them with family, friends and those that are going or have gone through battles with cancer. 

Emily Frew Makeup

My name is Emily Frew. I’ve done professional makeup styling for film, print, weddings and more for over 6 years. I fell In love with makeup because I discovered early on in my career that it has the remarkable power to instill confidence and strength in people. Henna Crowns of Courage allows me to get back to my roots with makeup and instill that courage and confidence through beauty with the people that need it the most. Bringing color to their cheeks and tears to their eyes is so rewarding. Beauty can be so deeply personal and that’s why Henna Crowns of Courage is one of my favorite projects to work on.

Henna Artist

My name is Danielle and I’ve been with Happy Henna and Crowns of Courage for a few years now. I absolutely love meeting so many amazing people and i’m happy I get to share the art of henna with them. Henna is a healing form of art that can bring meditation, peace, and guidance through life. Seeing the way Crowns of Courage has impacted so many lives makes me love it more. Each crown is made to fit their personality and show their passions in life. After giving the ladies a henna crown their whole persona changes. They show how beautiful they feel through their smiles and how their energy completely changes into something positive. It’s a life changing experience for them and their loved ones.

Henna Artist

My name is Paige and I started my training with Happy Henna in July of 2018 and wanted to join Amanda’s Henna Tribe to help with her non-profit Henna Crowns of Courage. 

When I first met Amanda I was so moved by who she is as a person. Her story of how she started Henna Crowns of Courage was so touching, I wanted to help in any way I could. This non-profit really hit home for me. I watched my Dad battle cancer and lose his hair. Watching him gave me first hand knowledge of how hard and horrible cancer can be. Henna Crowns of Courage is such an amazing way to impact these women and young girls lives in such a positive way! 

I am thankful to be able to have a positive impact on these women. Even if it is just in a small way! 

Henna Artist

My name is Erin. The movement behind Henna Crowns of Courage is one of empowerment and strength. When a cancer patient is transformed before their very own eyes and held in a place of honor, support, and artistic vision, the event becomes a potential pivot point. During such a vulnerable time, a crowned individual may reimagine their situation from a place of disempowerment, to one of valor and honor. For the past year I have worked as a henna artist for Happy Henna, in which Henna Crowns of Courage stemmed from. I’m grateful to be able to share my work and know that a portion of the proceeds goes towards making Henna Crowns possible.

Henna Artist

My name is Maddeline. Henna Crowns of Courage is such a beautiful part of what I get to do working with Happy Henna. When we crown these souls, the connection and conversations just flow into the very specific artwork that is revealed to them at the end and that is definitely one of my favorite moments. To be able to bring light to these women and children who are struggling beyond belief by adorning them in the beauty they already possess within themselves so they are able to see it on the surface and share it with the world, is one of the most important and special gifts I am able to share while working with Henna Crowns of Courage. I am so thankful to be a part of such an amazing team of artists and to be able to share a bit of myself with all the beautiful souls I encounter.

If you need internship hours, have experience with writing grants, great on social media or interested in giving your skills or talents to help Henna Crowns of Courage grow. Please contact us today! 

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Henna Crown’s of Courage believes in the healing power of art. Our henna art therapy program empowers cancer survivors, through story telling, ritual ceremony, while celebrating their strength and resilience through the beauty of henna crowns. Each donation helps us to grow our mission in spreading joy and confidence to those on their journey to recovery.