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Crown Session

The Crowning session can take anywhere from 3-4 hours. Makeup takes about an hour the henna can take anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on the detail and time. Photography and videography will be taken during and after the henna crown is created.

Each crown is created to bring out the “inner light” or inner identity of each person onto the skin. It is so easy for women to find their identity in their hair and how they looked before treatment. We want to remind them of who they truly are. What makes them happy with images, words or mantras. Certified Professional Henna artists through Happy Henna will be the ones who apply the henna crowns. They ask specific questions to create a personalized henna design for each crownee. 

The Reveal

Each Crownee’ will not be allowed to see their crown until it is fully finished. Once the makeup and henna are finished, the Crownee will be asked to stand and look in the mirror. This gives the butterfly effect of becoming free from any fears or anxieties that typically comes with losing hair. 

Once you have been “crowned” you are welcomed into the group of courageous women who have been crowned before. We have a Facebook community page where the women are free to share their story, ask questions and become friends. This has become a powerful platform for healing and transformation.

We have an online community where women can share their stories. We plan to have at least two gatherings a year for the women who have been crowned to meet with their families. We invite other cancer survivors to join us. Our goal for 2020 is to create a local healing conference and a weekend retreat for women in the program. 

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Our Stories

Each woman has a story to tell. We have created this platform for the women we crown to share their story with the world. Together we bring awareness and support to others who may be battling a similar journey. 

Becky Richards

My advice for others going through cancer is to have a great support system and choose to be thankful in each moment and each day focus on the positive.

Rebecca Wallace

It’s hard to feel pretty with scars on the side of my neck and chest from biopsies and my port, so it was nice to have an afternoon of makeup and henna.

Anna Walz

I had mistaken this “lump” for a clogged milk duct nearly nine months before, and as a busy nursing mom of twins, I had just forgotten about it.  This lump turned out to be grade 3 triple negative breast cancer and a 6 cm. tumor.

Amy Blunt

My name is Amy Blunt and I am a one year breast cancer survivor. On February 14, 2017, I received that dreaded phone call. The voice on the other end told me that I had cancer…words a person never wants to hear.

Alexandria Yonkman

My name is Alexandria Yonkman, I am only 23 and the mother to three beautiful children; I am also the girlfriend to an amazing man, that is also the father to our children! For the last year I have been battling cancer.

“Join Us in Spreading Courage”
Ceremonial Ritual Therapeutic Art through Henna
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Henna Crown’s of Courage believes in the healing power of art. Our henna art therapy program empowers cancer survivors, through story telling, ritual ceremony, while celebrating their strength and resilience through the beauty of henna crowns. Each donation helps us to grow our mission in spreading joy and confidence to those on their journey to recovery.