What a time we are living in! 2020, the year of a worldwide pandemic, general upheaval, and to all my sports fans out there, the year we lost one of the greatest basketball players. This year has challenged us to grow and to develop many a new skill. It has turned us all into bakers, activists, and most commonly, hairdressers. The new unusual of lockdowns and quarantining, has resulted in all sorts of wacky haircuts. And in my experience, no matter how many hair hacks and tutorials we may watch, the majority of us simply do not have the skills to become overnight hairdressers. I too am guilty of taking a buzzing clipper to my hair. And yes, the results were not pretty. I was upset for 2 days about my now botched bangs. Keep in mind, this is during a time when I had nowhere to go, and no one to see. This really struck me. It’s funny how a temporary mishap with something as simple as protein and dead cells (which is what hair really is!) had the power to bring me to tears, isn’t it? To a vast majority of us, hair is not just hair.

Hair has always been a societal priority. From the powdered wigs of yesteryear, to the straightening and curling irons of today, our tendency as women is to place extreme undue importance on our hair. Not to mention maintaining ‘beautiful’ hair is held in high regard by many cultures. So, it makes sense that hair holds such significance for us. Now think of those who do not have the option to tend to their hair, or fuss about a bad haircut. Or those women who lose their hair altogether. These are the tenacious warriors who fight the brave battle of cancer. At Henna Crowns of Courage, we help women reclaim empowerment by challenging the traditional aesthetic of feminine beauty. As singer India.Arie said it best, “I am not my hair.” Your crown is your courage, not your hair. So, join us on this journey of learning about how we crown these women warriors with henna.

We’re on a mission to train 100 artists so we can share henna with at least 1,000 cancer survivors in the next 24 months!


Check out the Beginner and Advanced Henna Trainings available through our partner, Happy Henna. 5% of all profits go directly towards creating healing henna experiences for women and children (sometimes men too) who are undergoing chemotherapy.


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